event wifi
Event WiFi


Bulletproof WiFi for events in London and across the UK.

Get your event connected. We service all types of events, so launch your fashion show, pop-up, or corporate conference with confidence!

We identify your needs and design a bulletproof temporary network to meet them. Our solutions are custom built and can service anything from wifi for payments systems to large scale technical production teams. 

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We’re The Event Experts!

We love events and have been part of hundreds! So no matter what you’re planning, we’ll design the perfect solution for you.

  • Conferences, Event Roadshows, corporate events
  • Fashion shows, brand events, product launches
  • Experiential events, Pop-up's, and Red Carpets
  • Showcases, trade shows, expos 

Get Your Event Connected!

Usage specific event WiFi to keep everything running seamlessly! Our event WiFi is fast and reliable!

  • Event Crew WiFi - make sure your teams never miss an email or video call.
  • Production WiFi - Perfect for keeping the tech team online.
  • Payments WiFi - Ensure your event never misses a payment again!
  • Guest WiFi - Keep delegates and attendees connected.

You're In Good Hands!

Successful events need to be reliably connected, that’s why all our deployments come with superior service and support.

From on-site technicians, to our private support chat groups, you’ll always have immediate access to our London based senior engineers, ready to help at a moment’s notice!

  • Exceptional support - senior engineers to provide peace of mind.
  • Flexible support to meet the demands of the events industry.
  • 24/7 assistance via WhatsApp or Slack group chats.
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