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Bulletproof WiFi & Temporary Internet solutions For Events

Unwavering connectivity, tailored for events of any size in London and across the UK. From brand events to large festivals, we guarantee a seamless online experience with high-speed, reliable internet and expertly designed networks that support everything from live streaming to interactive displays.
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We’re The UK's Event Connectivity Experts!

We provide WiFi and network hardware for live events! We're at the core of hundreds of amazing productions across the UK!

High-Speed Event WiFi

Fast & reliable networks built around your events unique needs
Handle content, streaming and social media uploads with ease.
Keep your team connected to their event management platforms

Secure Payments & Ticketing

Guarantee all your payments get accepted with our secure network
Keep your ticketing and guest logging running smoothly
Ensures that your vendors stay connected throughout your event

Tech-Heavy Requirements

Networks built to support heavy usage i.e. hackathons & gaming
Keep your guests connected and posting to social media
Connectivity specialised for Live streaming and Virtual Events

Scalable and Robust Networks Built Anywhere Across London and the UK 

We provide robust wifi networks that are custom built to your event's requirements. Whether you're running an event of 10 or 1,000 - we'll make sure your event's connectivity needs run smooth and stress free.
Live Event Attendees Supported
Speeds up to a gigabit anywhere in the UK
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World Class Remote Support & Monitoring

Experience unmatched peace of mind with Digital Avenue's World Class Remote Support & Monitoring. Our experts vigilantly oversee your event’s network performance from afar, ready to intervene with real-time solutions to any issue.

Dedicated 24/7 support chat groups via WhatsApp

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our group-chats keep you in the loop with a direct line to our engineers

Direct contact with our London based engineers

When you work with Digital Avenue you're working with real people! Our engineers take care of you personally.
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Full remote access to all of our hardware and gear

Our engineers have full remote access to our gear to ensure you have the best connection even when we're half way across the country!

Live Support for when it matters most!

If you have a mission critical requirement and want some peace of mind, we provide full on-site support!

How to get you're event connected!

Unlock seamless connectivity with tailor-made Event WiFi solutions from Digital Avenue.

Get in touch with our engineers to discuss your requirements

Struggling with unreliable connections at your events? Speak directly with our expert engineers to craft a network solution that meets your specific needs. We ensure your event's connectivity is seamless, powerful, and completely tailored to support your success.

We'll perform an extensive site survey

Concerned about the complexity of your event's venue? Our team conducts thorough site surveys, both remote and in-person, to understand every detail of your location! Ensuring our Event WiFi solutions are perfectly matched to your space.

Network design and collaboration

We work closely with you to create a robust connectivity blueprint that supports every aspect of your event. Our collaborative approach ensures your network is efficient, scalable, and perfectly aligned with your event's goals and requirements.

Build and deployment

We work hand-in-hand with your production team to adhere strictly to build schedules, finding the optimal times for network installation that minimises disruption. We get your event online swiftly and smoothly, so you can focus on your guests without missing an email.

Live support and remote management

Worried about network issues during your event? Our dedicated live support and remote management mean's our team is on standby, ensuring swift troubleshooting and continuous network oversight to keep your event connected and running smoothly.

You're in good hands

Discover the Faces Behind the Innovation! Meet our passionate team of tech wizards and creative minds, driving the force that makes every Digital Avenue deployment a spectacular success
David Jones
Founder & Director
12 years experience in the event industry and even more in telecoms
Daniel Williams
Operations Manager
Our operations lead in charge of making the magic happen
Martin Salece
Founder & Director
Former Technical Manager for Sky networks & co-founder

Let's go over your requirements!

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How do you provide internet?
We use a range of enterprise grade technology combining 5G & Cellular solutions, Low Earth Orbit(LEO) satellite connectivity, and P2P over the air fibre to provide a resilient multi-wan connection that is bonded and managed by our expert techs.
Do you dry hire equipment?
Our solutions are heavily specialised and require precise testing, setup and management for every site they are deployed too. Because of this we cannot dry hire equipment. We do however offer "WiFi in a box" solutions that are remotely managed by our team.
Do you service home users?
Unfortunately we cannot support home users. Our systems are bespoke and designed for either enterprise grade use cases, events, or mission-critical IT requirements, supporting large teams that require a lot bandwidth and a managed service.
Can you guarantee a minimum bandwidth?
Yes! Before every deployment we undergo a thorough site-survey from one of our experienced technicians. Our site surveys do a comprehensive audit of the local cellular landscape, identifies viability and install locations for LEO satellites or P2P fibre radios, and plans the cabling routes to connect it all together.
Do you provide long-term contracts?
No. Our deployments are designed to be temporary, and require a lot of active management to provide the same experience that a normal fibre connection provides. We are here to get you out of a pinch, or to service temporary requirements like events. Always try to secure a proper fibre service when you can!
How quickly can you deploy a service?
We can typically deploy our solutions within 24 hours from receiving sign-off. This will of course depend on the level of infrastructure required (i.e.) A simple WAN handoff into existing infrastructure will be a quicker install; when compared to a LAN network and cabling requirement on top of the initial connectivity.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.