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Nintendo Switch UK Launch

We enabled Nintendo to unveil their latest console with the European launch at Londons Hammersmith Apollo. Given the sensitive nature of this surprise launch we were entrusted to work under a tight NDA and an even tighter timeframe. We provided technical consultancy in setting up the console demos, along with the blazing fast hardwired secure device network, and public/press WiFI. The Switch proved to be Nintendos most successful console launch to date.


  • Technical consulting
  • Secure hardwires
  • Public/Press WiFi

For Nintendo's latest console launch event at London's Hammersmith Apollo, our team played a pivotal role in ensuring technical excellence. We offered expert technical advice for setting up the console demos, focusing on smooth and seamless operation to enhance the attendee experience. Our involvement extended to establishing a secure, hardwired network, specifically designed to support the demands of the console demos and guarantee their uninterrupted performance. In addition, we set up a temporary WiFi network tailored for both the public and the press, ensuring reliable connectivity. This setup enabled attendees to stay connected and actively share their experiences online, amplifying the event's reach and engagement.

Our Technology Solutions!

Technical Consulting

We worked closely with Event Producers and technical staff to ensure every technical aspect of the event was accounted for. Our team specialises in event technology in general, so we were able to advise on any oversights the team had made, especially in relation to the set up of the LAN between consoles!

Secure Hardwired Network

As this product launch was especially top secret, the event team wanted to ensure there was no possibility of leaking sensitive information before the official announcement. This involved setting up secure network routing policies to provide wifi to staff and guests, while maintaining sensitive hardware isolated.

LTE & 5G Connectivity

LTE & 5G connectivity is our go to solution for a robust backup circuit! We provide a fast and scalable LTE circuit that is waiting in hot failover in case anything happens to our primary connection! Ensuring your event never goes offline, for even a second!

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