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eBay = The Art of Shopping

We deployed the connectivity that underpinned the whole shopping experience, and provided in-depth technical consultancy to bring all the disparate technology vendors together. For just 48 hours, a select number of guests were invited to attend the personalised shopping event, which offered a seamless and personalised experience to each guest. By combining neuroscience, art, and technology, we created a truly unique and inspiring experience for our client's guests.


  • Tech Consultancy
  • Guest WiFi
  • Event Network

In this project, our team successfully delivered a unique and personalized brand experience, underpinned by our expert technical consulting. We facilitated seamless communication between the creative agency and technology vendors to ensure every aspect of the project aligned perfectly. Recognizing the importance of connectivity, especially in spaces with limited access, we provided robust guest WiFi services for the public attending the event. This strategic deployment not only enhanced the attendees' experience by enabling them to share their moments on social media but also ensured smooth operational flow. Our services extended beyond guest network provisions to include comprehensive event network support and general connectivity solutions for the production staff, the creative agency, and the technical production team, ensuring all backend processes were connected and efficient.

Our Technology Solutions!

Mind Tracking Technology

As part of the experience, we began by hooking all guests to electroencephalogram (EEG) technology and providing them with a custom brainwave and visitor tracking app, developed by our partners. This "mind-tracking technology" was able to locate moments when the wearer was inspired by what they saw in front of them.

Managed Event Network

We provided a managed event network that handled all of the underlying connectivity requirements. This included everything, from the technical teams hardware, to basic emailing and browsing for production staff, payments for the payment systems, etc. Our goal was to provide a bulletproof system with 100% uptime.

LTE & 5G Connectivity

Bandwidth was crucial for this event, and the fibre connection available at the venue was not suitable for the scope of the event. We used our specialised LTE & 5G routers to provide a stable connection with failover across all of the UK's 4 major cellular networks. We achieved speeds over 200mb exclusively through cellular

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