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Deepmind AI Conference

A gathering of some of the brightest engineers and scientists for an internal Deepmind team conference. After the venue's WiFi network failed to perform to their high standard, our client at Google called us with an urgent need for our high spec temporary WiFi installation. Our team provided a rapid delivery solution with an engineer on site that day, and installation of a 300 user WiFi network the following morning.


  • WiFi Network - 300+ People
  • Rapid Deployment - Under 48 hours
  • BackUp Connections for stability

For the upcoming DeepMind convention hosted by Google, our team provided a comprehensive event network solution tailored to meet the demands of a tech-savvy audience. Recognizing the complexity of the event, the network was designed to support multiple users and devices, along with intricate routing policies essential for such a high-caliber convention. Faced with the challenge of an in-house venue network that fell short of the convention's requirements, our team efficiently designed and installed a suitable network within a tight timeframe of less than 48 hours. A key priority was ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted network experience, crucial for the event's success and the continuous engagement of attendees. To safeguard against any potential disruptions, we implemented robust backup solutions and hot failover systems. This proactive approach ensured constant connectivity, a necessity for an event featuring a multitude of Googlers and their diverse networking needs.

Our Technology Solutions!

Complex Event Network

We implemented a comprehensive event network solution that supported a wide range of users, devices, and routing policies. Our solution included the deployment of advanced network management tools, including LTE and 5G failover, resulting in a high-performance and scalable network infrastructure that met the client's needs.

Rapid Deployment

Though we had an extremely tight deadline, we managed to design and implement a robust solution thanks to our expert team and optimised workflow. We managed to provide the client with everything they requested and ensure the event was as successful as possible.

LTE & 5G Failover

Ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted network experience in case of any disruptions. The implementation of LTE and 5G failover was a crucial aspect of our solution, resulting in a robust and scalable network infrastructure.

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