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Esquire Townhouse X Dior

Esquire, the luxury men’s magazine brand, returned to the Esquire Townhouse, with Dior as the headline sponsor for the second consecutive year. We provided venue-wide connectivity and event wifi for Esquire’s Townhouse 5-day event at Carlton House Terrace, a VIP pop-up members’ club. The four-day luxury brand experience took over London’s 10-11 Carlton Terrace with the curation of live talks, interviews and masterclasses showcasing the very best in the world of style, sport, TV, technology, travel, food and film.


  • Secure Network
  • P2P Fibre Connection
  • LTE & 5G Backup

For a recent event, our team skillfully developed a guest network by utilizing the venue's existing infrastructure and integrating our own equipment. This approach not only provided robust backup connections but also ensured the event's network usage remained separate from the venue's corporate network. To guarantee ample bandwidth, we installed a Point-to-Point (P2P) over-the-air fibre connection. This strategic setup allowed for multiple failover options, reinforcing network reliability and effectively separating the event network from the venue's in-house system. Understanding the critical need for connectivity, especially for guests relying on continuous communication and access to a web-app, we incorporated our signature cellular gear as an additional failover measure. This meticulous integration ensured the delivery of the most robust and reliable networking system for the event.

Our Technology Solutions!

Venue Infrastructure Adoption

Our experienced technicians ensure that the venue's existing infrastructure is robust and secure, while our own equipment provides the additional functionality and support needed to ensure a seamless event.

Over Air Fibre Connection

Reliable and stable connectivity was a MUST for this event. We provided an 'Over the Air' Fibre connection that guaranteed a minimum standard of what was possible to achieve at the event from a "Tech" standpoint. i.e. paperless ticketing, social games, app downloads, communication between guests when inside the venue, etc.

LTE & 5G Backup

LTE and 5G were used as backup and supplement to our fibre connection. These networks provided reliable, high-speed internet connectivity, even in the face of potential disruptions to the primary connection. The automatic switch-over and increased network capacity ensured a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

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