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Gucci X Harry Styles

Over a three-day shoot with Gucci featuring their new tailoring ambassador, Harry Styles, we provided seamless WiFi connectivity across multiple locations. Our robust service ensured uninterrupted internet access, crucial for the smooth execution of this high-profile event.


  • Remote connectivity
  • Live Support
  • Private Stream

For this dynamic project, we supplied specialized equipment designed for mobility across various London locations, ensuring a robust internet connection capable of supporting the entire production team. This setup not only catered to the team's needs but also enabled a private stream of the ongoing work. To guarantee optimal performance, our team was on-site throughout all shooting days, meticulously ensuring that our system provided the best speed and connectivity possible in each location. Additionally, we facilitated a private live stream of the shoot, servicing management teams and creative agencies based in both Italy and the United States. This international reach was a testament to the reliability and quality of our streaming and connectivity services, ensuring seamless global collaboration

Our Technology Solutions!

LTE & 5G Connectivity

We dial-in and compile a number of connectivity options across all major UK Networks. We use specialised technology to leverage cellular networks and provided a robust connection for the team at Gucci as well as the creative agency.

WiFi In A Box

Once the connectivity was dialled-in we needed a robust system that could output said connectivity as accessible WiFi for the technology that was on-site. This also needed to be portable, with battery back-up to ensure connections wouldn't drop regardless of access to power.

Private Streaming

Not only did we need to provide enough bandwidth to service the on-site production team, but we also need to provide a constant live stream to the creative agency and management team based in the U.S. & Italy. Our private stream was broadcast over our specialised technology, with instant hot failover to avoid all dropouts.

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